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Our Philosophy

By focusing on the relaxing effects of being exposed to nature, we have conducted a number of physiology, psychology and physical experiments to examine the various influence on us.
Based on our findings, we have started certification process for “Forest Therapy Base” and “Forest Therapy Road”across Japan. The “Forest Therapy” activities have recently gained interest as its practice has been officially recognized and higher awareness of health and stress management has occurred. The Specified nonprofit corporation, Forest Therapy Society was created to support practical forest therapy activities. Using the“Forest Therapy Base”as a domain, we provide opportunities for local businesses by linking visitors and service providers, and by training certified “Forest Therapist”and “Forest Therapy Guide”, and forest management assistance.

Main Activities

  • Promotion and publicity of forest therapy
  • Certification of "forest therapy guide" and "Forest Therapist", human resource development
  • Forest therapy base & road Certification
  • Scientific verification of forest therapy effect
  • Forums & seminars


In the spring of 2004, in order to scientifically elucidate the “Healing” effect of the forest and conduct advance research for utilization methods, a “Forest Therapy Study Group” was launched with a corporation of companies , medical schools, research institutes etc. Also in 2004, as a national project, “Elucidation of the Effects of Forests on Functions of the Human Body” was launched.


Aichi Medical University, Specially-appointed Professor
 Vice Executive  Director Noritoshi 
Representative of Midorikai Healthcare Group
 Director Hideki Hirano,Ph.D himeji University, specially appointed professor
 Director Michiko Imai,M.D.,Ph.D Private Clinic Physician, Alpinist
 Director Qing Li,M.D.,Ph.D Nippon Medical School Department of Hygiene and Public Health
 Director Mihoko Kasuga Psychiatric social workers, Japan EAP Systems Inc.
 Director Sumimasa Sudo,LL.M. Hosei University Faculty of Law, Professor and Lawyer 
 Director Syota Nakai Mayor of Yoshino Town, Forest Therapy Base Country Network Meeting Chairman
 Auditor Hisaaki Nakaya Tax Corporation Takayanagi accounting firm,Tax Accountant


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