Forest Therapy® Guide and Forest Therapist®

4d0a9a04601734a10087df6b8f66386f_s.pngWhat is a“Forest Therapy Guide?”
A “Forest Therapy Guide” is to provide advise on walking and exercise to increase the “Forest Bathing” effect on visitors. In addition to an environmental science knowledge of the forest, a“Forest Therapy Guide” also possesses physiological knowledge about the healing effects of the forest and ensures safe and secure walking paths for visitors. They can also advise visitors how to experience “Forest Therapy” through walking, exercising, and recreational activities done in the forest.

e3416008f453b1fae7d454551fa9db3c_s.pngWhat is a“Forest Therapist”?
A“Forest Therapist” is to teach effective therapeutic activities by providing appropriate programs for visitors. Not only is it beneficial to have the knowledge of a“Forest Therapy Guide”, but also a“Forest Therapist” has the specialized knowledge on health and psychology with high-level communication skills . A“Forest Therapist” is also to instruct “Forest Therapy” by providing high quality recreation programs.

When a physician is not accompanied , a“Forest Therapy Guide” and a“Forest Therapist” targets clients who are either healthy or with no disease. Please be advised that medical care or medical treatment is not allowed without the instruction by a physician.

Until recently, in order to be certified as a“Forest Therapy Guide” or “Forest Therapist” , it was required to pass a written exam which was held once a year, then submit the report. The Forest Therapy Society has since decided to abolish a written examination style from 2015 and change it to a correspondence course style that aims for nationwide certification.

Characteristics of Continuing Education

○ Get certification anytime, anywhere
For Level 2, you can acquire certification only by completing a correspondence course. It is not necessary for you to go far to take the written examination. Also because there is no application deadline, you can start taking the course anytime.

○ Easy to comprehend important components of the course
For the correspondence course, the textbook is easy to follow and grasp its key components.

○ By having small tests , you can test your comprehensive level
By taking small tests created by instructors who are very familiar with Forest Therapy, you can acquire the vital knowledge you need to know. Unlike a normal written exam, you can go over and relearn the section where you failed to understand. Hence, you can learn efficiently despite perhaps having a busy schedule.

○ You can receive advice from an instructor
For each report that you submit, they are examined by an instructor who is involved in forest therapy experiments. This course is suitable for people who have difficulties with self studying because you can always get support from instructors when needed. For any questions regarding the material, you can always ask an instructor at any time.

All the documents are only available in Japanese.

This file is in PDF file. If you can not open, please install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How to Apply

Please send us a completed application form to the office. There is no application deadline and we will send the correspondence course materials in approximately three business days after receiving your application. Please be advised that currently only the Japanese language is available for this continuing education course.

Correspondence Course Level 2 (“Forest Therapy Guide”)

If you already have a textbook, please click here to apply.

Correspondence Course Level 1(“Forest Therapist”)


Information Request

A correspondence course materials request document can be retrieved from this site in the Japanese language page. To send our organization information to your friends and family, or if you are interested in distributing brochures at your workshops, please feel free to contact us by E-mail.